Aluminium Composite Panel

Our Aluminium composite panel is very rigid and suitable for internal and external use.

It gives avery low thermal expansion rate so it will not expand or warp in the sun unlike many plastics.

The uniform surface is superb for printing and mounting onto, it is recyclable and environmentally friendly too.

It has excellent properties for small to medium sized panels and can be cut to shape or even folded to make sign trays.

Suitable for large internal and external panels.

Here are the colours and sizes available:

Aluminium composite sheet size table

244cm x 122cm
8' x 4'
305cm x 155cm
10' x 5'
305cm x 203cm
10' x 6.6'
405cm x 155cm
13.3' x 5'
2mm white
3mm white
4mm white
6mm white
3mm ivory
3mm yellow
3mm red
3mm racing green
3mm ultramarine blue
3mm black
4mm brushed silver
4mm brushed gold
4mm brushed bronze

All sheet sizes and colours shown above are for reference only, these may vary from different manufacturers.