Rigid Foamed PVC

Rigid Foamed PVC

Our foam PVC is sturdy, lightweight and durable with an extruded and unplasticised PVC foam centre with a rigid top layer. 

The uniform surface is superb for printing and mounting onto, it is difficult to ignite and self extinguishing with a fire rating to class BS 476 part 1.

It has excellent properties for small to medium sized panels and can be cut to shape if required.

Suitable for small external panels or large internal.

Here are the colours and sizes available:

Foamed PVC sheets table

244cm x 122cm
8' x 4'
305cm x 122cm
10' x 4'
305cm x 155cm
10' x 5'
305cm x 203cm
10' x 6.6'
1mm white
2mm white
3mm white
5mm white
6mm white
8mm white
10mm white
13mm white
19mm white
24mm white
3mm beige
5mm beige
3mm yellow
5mm yellow
3mm gold
5mm gold
3mm orange
5mm orange
3mm red
5mm red
3mm racing green
5mm racing green
3mm green
5mm green
3mm pale blue
3mm sky blue
5mm sky blue
3mm royal blue
5mm royal blue
3mm black
5mm black
10mm black
19mm black
3mm grey
5mm grey
3mm silver
5mm silver

All sheet sizes and colours shown above are for reference only, these may vary from different manufacturers.